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Crisis on Campus: Mental Health Counselors Are Feeling the Crush

A dramatic rise in demand for college mental health services has led to counselors feeling burned out. Counseling center directors are looking for solutions.

DACA has ā€œImmediate and Positiveā€ Impact on Lives of Immigrant Students,...

New research demonstrates the benefits and complexities for immigrants transitioning from undocumented to DACA status.

International Study Documents Widespread Distress in College Students

An international study of college students reveals ubiquitous social and emotional challenges faced by young adults.

Universities Outsource Mental Health Services

FromĀ The Guardian: "Unable to keep up with rising demand,Ā  are rebranding their mental health student support as 'wellbeing' services. Some universities plan to maintain...

Students With Mental Health Conditions Find Support at BU

FromĀ STAT: For the past three years, Boston University has offered one of the few programs in the nation dedicated to teaching students who have...

Self-Compassion Course Supports College Students to Support Themselves

New research on a brief self-compassion focused course aimed at the college students.