Tag: culture and mental health

Discomfort Is the New Comfort Zone

The adage that one must step outside their comfort zone if one wants to achieve success is troubling, and it’s time to stop letting it go unquestioned.

Knowledge of Other Cultures is Changing the Field of Psychology

From The Conversation: Human behavior and mental processes have long been thought to be universal. However, recent studies show that culture plays an important role...

Many are Depressed Because They’re Expected not to be

From The Conversation: New studies suggest that Western cultural values - specifically the high value we place on happiness - may be the reason that...

New Findings Suggest Masculinity is a Risk Factor for Suicidal Thinking

Men who report being self-reliant may be at greater risk of suicidal thinking.

“The Diseases You Only Get if You Believe in Them”

For The Atlantic, Julie Beck explores syndromes and “diseases” that are unique to particular cultures. She interviews Frank Bures, author of new book "The Geography of...