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The Worst Thing: How My Motherā€™s Death Pushed Me to Overcome...

The goal of creating a legacy for my mother required that I go beyond managing my symptoms to confronting my OCD at its roots. I had to fundamentally change my understanding of anxiety.

Why Being Aware of Your Mortality Can Be Good for You

FromĀ Medical Xpress: While being aware of one's own mortality can produce anxiety and fearfulness, a recent study found that mortality awareness can also have...

ā€œTreating Parkinson’s Psychosis With Antipsychotics May Boost Death Riskā€

The Psychiatric Advisor reports on new research from Kingā€™s College London that suggests that antipsychotics can cause serious harm to people with Parkinsonā€™s.

Inbetweenland Reflections

                              Jacks McNamara is a genderqueer artist, writer, organizer, and healer. Jacks co-founded The Icarus ProjectĀ and is the subject of the poetic documentary Crooked Beauty.Ā They...