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The Worst Thing: How My Mother’s Death Pushed Me to Overcome...

The goal of creating a legacy for my mother required that I go beyond managing my symptoms to confronting my OCD at its roots. I had to fundamentally change my understanding of anxiety.

Why Being Aware of Your Mortality Can Be Good for You

From Medical Xpress: While being aware of one's own mortality can produce anxiety and fearfulness, a recent study found that mortality awareness can also have...

‚ÄúTreating Parkinson’s Psychosis With Antipsychotics May Boost Death Risk‚ÄĚ

The Psychiatric Advisor reports on new research from King’s College London that suggests that antipsychotics can cause serious harm to people with Parkinson’s.

Inbetweenland Reflections

                              Jacks McNamara is a genderqueer artist, writer, organizer, and healer. Jacks co-founded The Icarus Project¬†and is the subject of the poetic documentary Crooked Beauty.¬†They...