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ADHD More Severe in Children Exposed to Pollution and Economic Deprivation

ADHD behaviors were linked to the presence of both high levels of pollutants and persistent economic deprivation at birth and through childhood.

If Money can Make you Happy, can Debt Make you Sad?

From Aeon: While research shows that having financial resources contributes to our happiness and satisfaction, borrowing money and being in debt add to our dissatisfaction and...

Precarious Jobs Scar Employees’ Mental Health: Survey

From the Toronto Star: According to a new survey of more than 4,000 workers by the Ontario Federation of Labor, precarious jobs can have a significant...

Researchers Find Link Between Economic Hardship and Cognitive Function

The results of the prospective cohort study that analyzed data from almost 3,400 individuals show that individuals who experience long-term poverty perform worse on cognitive tasks than their peers who have never experienced poverty.