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High Rates of Questionable Research Practices Found in Ecology and Evolution

A new study, published online by the Open Science Foundation, suggests that questionable research practices (QRPs) are prevalent in the fields of ecology and evolution.

Science is Catching Up to the Buddha

From Big Think: In Robert Wright's new book Why Buddhism is True, he illustrates how contemporary science has confirmed some of the core tenets and beliefs...

Humans are the Only Animals who Crave Oblivion Through Suicide

In this piece for Aeon, Nicholas Humphrey explores why humans are the only animals that experience suicidality as well as the impact of suicide on evolution. "From the viewpoint...

Depression may be our Brain’s way of Telling us to Stop

From Business Insider: Depression may be an adaptation that serves a valuable purpose, not a disease or disorder. "The basic concept is that what we think...

The Revolution in Psychotherapy

Since the time of Freud, the field of psychotherapy has assumed that modalities and techniques were the instruments of change in psychotherapy. But the evidence is mounting that modalities and techniques have relatively little to do with effectiveness; evidence shows that it is the human elements of psychotherapy that are the most potent agents of healing