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When Facebook Sent the Cops to My Shelter

Somehow, something I had said in this “secret” Facebook group had been made known. And now, at almost midnight, a cop was banging at the door of the lady who had been keeping me safe in a secret place. How did a “secret” Facebook conversation bring the cops to an address I didn’t have to perform a suicide prevention “welfare check”? Here’s what their “safe” meant to my safety.

Facebook Rolls Out AI to Detect Suicidal Posts

From TechCrunch: Facebook's new artificial intelligence technology will now scan all posts for suicidal thoughts and send mental health resources or contact local first-responders for users...

Killjoy: The Story of a Misguided ‘Mental Health’ Bot

The bot was created by one Danny Freed, inspired by the suicide of his close friend a few years prior. Danny reportedly balks at calling Joy a ‘bot,’ and refers to it instead as a “mental health journaling service.” Joy operates through Facebook’s system and auto-chats you at least once a day to check in.

Sense of Purpose Reduces Negative Effects of Social Media Use

New research shows that having a strong sense of personal meaning and purpose can reduce the negative effects of social media use.

Using Facebook Damages Your Mental Health

From Metro UK: A recent study found that increased Facebook use is associated with significant reductions in physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction. Article →­

Is Facebook a Structural Threat to Free Society?

From TruthHawk: Facebook's technology has an unprecedented ability to surveil and manipulate people. Article →­  

“The Myth of the ‘Autistic Shooter’”

“Although there is no established connection between autism and murder, some eagerly leapt to causality and scapegoating,” Andrew Solomon writes in the New York Times. “Tarring the autistic community in this manner — like presuming that most black people are thieves or that most Muslims are terrorists — is an insidious form of profiling. It exacerbates the tendency for people with autism to be excluded, teased and assaulted in childhood and adulthood.”