1. I quit Facebook about a year ago and can personally attest to being much happier. I no longer feel alone in a sea of “friends”. I have developed closer relationships with the people who were willing to maintain the effort at individual communication and have stopped calling acquaintances ‘friends’. My social circle is smaller, but more intimate. I am also no longer inundated with negative news and have become more productive with my time.

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  2. Using Facebook is totally dangerous, especially for people who are vulnerable, and for serious organizing as well. An organization might use it solely for 1-way informational purposes but only if there’s a website too. It is irresponsible to make people give up their personal info to FB just to get info, and equally irresponsible to encourage people in general to use FB, which everyone should understand by now is primarily a tracking and surveillance operation. Surely there are better ways to communicate with “friends.”

    And this has nothing to do with “mental health,” give me a break.

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