Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tag: fda and industry

After-the-fact Pharma Payments to FDA Advisers Spark Ethical Concerns

From Science: "Brilinta fits a pattern of what might be called pay-later conflicts of interest, which have gone largely unnoticed—and entirely unpoliced. In examining...

“Former FDA Official Settles Insider Trading Charges”

For STAT, Ed Silverman reports that Gordon Johnston, a former FDA official, has agreed to a settlement after being accused of insider trading. “Johnston,...

“The Drug Industry Thrives on the Revolving Door”

Sheila Kaplan reports for STAT on a new study finding that more than half of FDA drug reviewers went on to work for the...

Correction: No “Charges” Against Former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg

Our headline on an Around the Web item posted on June 8 stating that the former head of the FDA, Margaret Hamburg, had been "charged"...

“FDA Nominee Robert Califf Must Prove Independence from Industry”

For STAT, Ed Silverman reports on growing concerns about the industry ties of the new nominee for FDA commissioner.  “The nomination comes at a...