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U.S. Psychologists Seek to End Torture Programs They Helped Design

From Alternet: "It’s modestly encouraging that this August two-thirds of governing body voted against a resolution that would have returned psychologists to sites like...

APA Maintains Ban on Psychologists at Guantánamo

From Physicians for Human Rights: "PHR commends the American Psychological Association for defending human rights in the face of sustained pressure to weaken its...

Psychologists Are in a Nasty Fight About a Report on Torture

From Buzzfeed News: "This month in San Francisco, the American Psychological Association will vote on a proposal that would return psychologists working for the...

The Shoes Keep on Dropping… What Next?

If your government espouses freedom for all but abuses citizens of its own as well other countries, its pronouncements are pure propaganda. This article seeks to help readers make the connection between the public and secret behaviors of the U.S. government as it continues to oppress those individuals within its reach that occupy a politically marginalized status; including, of course, persons who are survivors and/or users of psychiatric services.