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The BBC, Harrow, and a Public Left in the Dark

The recent report by the BBC on medication-free treatment in Norway, when viewed in conjunction with the media silence on Martin Harrow's latest publication, reveals why the public remains misinformed about the long-term effects of antipsychotics.

Patients With Schizophrenia Show Better Work Functioning Off Antipsychotics

20-year follow-up study finds that after four years, patients not prescribed antipsychotics have significantly better work functioning.

New Research Project to be Funded by the Foundation for Excellence...

Over the last 30 years Dr. Martin Harrow, Ph.D., has collected data from over 1000 interviews with people who have lived experience with mental illness. His research has been the basis for a number of papers delineating the effect of medications on those he interviewed. Further analysis of the data will answer several questions that provide the basis for a better understand of the long term effects of anti-psychotics on the treatment of schizophrenia.