Tag: health and inequality

Racism is Literally Bad for Your Health

From WBUR: Racially motivated discrimination and abuse have tangible, measurable negative effects on health. Not only do daily acts of prejudice and discrimination lead to...

“Disparities and High Costs Fuel the Health Care Crisis”

For the Boston Globe, Jeffrey Sachs examines America’s health crisis and finds its roots in inequality. “At the core of the crisis of health...

“Childhood Poverty Linked to Brain Changes”

“Children from poorer families are more likely to experience changes in brain connectivity that put them at higher risk of depression, compared with children from more affluent families,” according to new research covered by Medical News Today. "Poverty doesn't put a child on a predetermined trajectory, but it behooves us to remember that adverse experiences early in life are influencing the development and function of the brain. And if we hope to intervene, we need to do it early so that we can help shift children onto the best possible developmental trajectories."