Racism is Literally Bad for Your Health


From WBUR: Racially motivated discrimination and abuse have tangible, measurable negative effects on health. Not only do daily acts of prejudice and discrimination lead to poor health outcomes, but people of color also receive lower quality health care than white people.

“The research indicates it is not just the big experiences of discrimination, like being passed over for a job or not getting a promotion that someone felt they might have been entitled to. But the day-to-day little indignities affect health: being treated with less courtesy than others, being treated with less respect than others, receiving poorer service at restaurants or stores. Research finds that persons who score high on those kinds of experiences, if you follow them over time, you see more rapid development of coronary heart disease. Research finds that pregnant women who report high levels of discrimination give birth to babies who are lower in birth weight.”

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  1. When I saw the header to the interview linked to above, the header of the interview itself actually, I figured somebody must be beating up racists. Little did I know that you were talking the other end of the equation.

    “Racially motivated discrimination and abuse have tangible, measurable negative effects on health.”

    Apparently racism is bad for the health of races other than the dominant race doing the discriminating.

    Uh, I didn’t think there was much doubt about that in the first place. (In other words, in the no-brainer department, do we really need a study to ascertain that racial discrimination is bad for the people, in health and countless other terms, being racially discriminated against?)

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