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Q&A: Can My Child’s Psychiatric Diagnosis Be Voided?

My son recently had a first psychotic episode due to excessive marijuana use and a head injury. He is currently in legal trouble for hitting a staffer while involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. Doctors now say he shows no sign of mental illness. He wants to get the charges dropped and go to rehab. Is there any way to have a psychiatric diagnosis voided?

Lee Coleman – The Reign of Error

An interview with Doctor Lee Coleman, psychiatrist and author of the 1984 book Reign of Error. Now retired, Lee devotes his time to public education that exposes the individual and public harms from today’s “mental health” industry.

Interview: Laws of Informed Consent

From Advancing Mental Health: An interview with Gary Brown, attorney, about the laws of informed consent in psychiatry. Learn the origins of informed consent, what the...

“Not Not Guilty: My Brother, Schizophrenia, and the State of Illinois”

From The Fix: "This is the reality of where mental health remains—just as stigmatized and embarrassingly disentangled as it was last year at this...