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An American SHAMe by Marci Webber

There was never “an American dream” Only a nightmare, so it seems. Such an innocent girl full of belief In a country from which she now seeks relief.

Marci Webber Granted a Conditional Discharge

In 2010, Marci Webber killed her four-year-old daughter during a psychotic episode that erupted while she was on a cocktail of psychiatric drugs. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity. A judge has now ruled that she should be discharged from a mental hospital.

Psychotic Akathisia by Marci Webber

This thing that stirs can’t be overcome. It starts like a steady, aching hum

A Mother’s Very, Very Worst Nightmare

I was Marci’s former psychotherapist. When I heard what had happened, I immediately informed the detectives that I suspected that the homicide and suicide attempt were related to psychiatric drugs.