An American SHAMe by Marci Webber

There was never “an American dream”
Only a nightmare, so it seems.
Such an innocent girl full of belief
In a country from which she now seeks relief.

She trusted the world all too soon
Like the sun trusts the glow of the moon.
And she held her beliefs so very tight
Until tragedy taught her she wasn’t right.

So just like the lotions and potions of old
It was “medication” on which she was sold.
Her country failed to disclose of a pill
The chance that it could cause her to kill.

And those who had manufactured such
Were just chasing money all in a rush.
Not caring who they hurt or of lives they took
Destruction leaving her with only a book.

So a tale she must tell of killing her child.
Then the corrupt system that followed justice wild
Laws of the land taking a far back seat
To politics of greed that she tried to defeat.

Can she bear the responsibility to tell
Or will her attempts to warn cause even more hell.
Isolated abused and slandered as psychotic
She must dodge her captives who are humanly demonic.

Maggie’s love tells her she can win the fight
Because a fortress of destructive deceit just isn’t right
Especially when built on false mental health claims
It’s time to tear down what is an American SHAMe.


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  1. Great poem, Marci. It made me tear up. I’m so sorry about what happened to you and your child. What the psychiatric industry has been, and still is doing, is so staggeringly criminal. So much so, it’s incomprehensible to those who have not been researching into it, or experienced the psychiatric criminality first hand. This now FBI convicted doctor, and his psychiatric “snowing” partner in crime, had hoped to send me to Elgin for life. Thankfully my private health insurance company said ‘no need, we won’t pay.’

    Hey, good news, we now have a President who is speaking out against all the human and child sex trafficking, that you were concerned about. A societal problem, which the majority of our, primarily child abuse covering up, “mental health” lunatics deny exists.

    “Mental health” worker denial that child abuse happens, because NO “mental health” workers today may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER, by DSM design.

    But, unfortunately, that same President still seems totally ignorant of the fact that it is the psychiatrists’ and psychologists’, systemic, primarily child abuse covering up, pedophile empowerment “mental health” system, which is largely to blame for the trafficking problems. But there is one ethical “mental health” worker who has been researching into this enormous, worldwide, societal problem.

    God bless you, and I’m glad you, too, escaped. I pray we both stay free. And I couldn’t agree more, psychiatry’s and psychology’s “fortress of destructive deceit just isn’t right. Especially when built on false mental health claims. It’s time to tear down what is an American SHAMe.” Both the psychological and psychiatric industries are a sham, and both are staggeringly shameful, because they are both child abuse cover uppers. And the religions that bought into their belief system, like my childhood religion, are also child abuse deniers, thus equally guilty.

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  2. Its interesting where some stories take a person. I haven’t read all the articles relating to your story Marci but …….
    There was a man who was convicted here of setting his children on fire during a domestic dispute. He later claimed that he had been ‘spiked’ by someone during his trial and that he would never have hurt his children otherwise. His defense was rejected and he is serving a long prison term now.
    What gets me wondering is that I know the State has been allowing people to ‘spike’ others with date rape drugs, and then concealing this fact and slandering the victims as paranoid delusionals. It was done to me. In fact, the symptoms of the ‘spiking’ were written down as being symptoms of a mental illness by a doctor who was not informed I had been ‘spiked’. This of course has me wondering if this man is speaking the truth about being drugged without his knowledge and if so would this have changed the outcome of his trial? This is one of the problems raised by governments that allow people to use date rape drugs to assist with interrogations, one simply can not predict what the outcomes might be. I know in my case there was some concerns about whether by ‘spiking’, planting a knife on me and then lying to police and claiming I was “mental patient” they might shoot me during their restraint. Not a great concern because they went through with it anyway, and phew I didn’t get shot, just slandered and destroyed.
    Drink spiking with these date rape drugs has been described by our politicians as being “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” and yet I have a letter from the National Regulatory Authority stating they have no problem with a nurse (with no prescribing rights) authorising this be done and concealing it from police and doctors. Seems that they know better than our community, and I can only assume they are ‘medical people’ and are above our laws.

    Can you imagine though, an experiment conducted where a doctor is presented with a person who has nothing wrong with them other than being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs is seen as being mentally ill and in need of more of the drugs that are causing the symptoms? That can’t work out well. And the regulatory body who investigate the nurse who concealed the ‘spiking’ from police and the doctors is given a glowing report for his adherence to a duty of care. SHAMe they don’t know the law, or they would be aware this is called conspiring to pervert the course of justice and has a mandatory prison term. It seems some people are receiving favours through acts of criminal negligence.
    Anyhow, good luck in your fight for justice, and I enjoyed reading your poem.

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