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The Madness of Our Mental Health System

Why we should be deeply disturbed by the largely fictional ‘mental illness’ narrative and its resultant system, why we should be suspicious of who actually benefits from the whole enterprise, and, most importantly, why we can no longer countenance the unconscionable toll it takes on the health and well-being of ordinary citizens.

The Secret to Psychiatry’s “Success,” as Revealed by a Psychiatrist

Pills can’t be the main source of psychiatry’s sustained success, since they’re mostly placebos and people who take them usually worsen over time. Could psychiatry’s newly invented diseases themselves be the hot items that people are being manipulated into buying? Yes — I saw from within my field how it happened.

Cultural Confusion: The Shifting Line Between Sane and “Unsane”

From STAT: An unprecedented number of Americans have been diagnosed with a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. Does this represent an increase in psychological distress...

Study Calls for Consensus on Overdiagnosis Across Medical Disciplines

Lack of overdiagnosis parameters stifles communication across fields seeking to mitigate its potential harm.