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Valproate Linked to Decreased Brain Volume in Children Diagnosed with Bipolar...

Researchers find that valproate decreases brain volume in a region associated with emotion processing across all participants.

Can Children Have Bipolar Disorder?

After seeing the family for two sessions I came to the conclusion that what Adam was suffering from was inconsistent discipline, temper tantrums and misbehavior that were inadvertently encouraged by his parents. The correct prescription for Adam was not an antipsychotic medication that might cause him harm, but family therapy to help the parents implement a behavioral program that would fit Adamā€™s needs.

To Make Adolescence Permanent, Just Label it ā€œBipolar Disorderā€

When parents accept the bipolar label, something seems to click in their minds, and itā€™s in this instant that their kidā€™s life is forever ruined. Now they retrospectively view all the turmoil that began in puberty as due toĀ permanent brain illnessĀ rather than normal, outgrowable adolescent issues.

Childhood Bipolar Disorder More Rare Than Previously Claimed, Study Finds

Re-examination of meta-analytic claims finds the prevalence of pediatric bipolar disorder is close to zero.