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The Language of Internalized Oppression

I realize many folks get irritated by the ‘moving target’ of language, but understand that this is a process of unlearning for us all. It’s not so much that the words randomly keep changing as it is that the oppression embedded in our words and ways of being runs deeper than most of us could have ever imagined. Unraveling it all is a long way off.

Towards the Re-politicization of “Mental Illness”

In the models of other social movements, I implore us to advance a multifaceted, structural, cultural, and political analysis of mental illness in America, to illuminate the reality and mechanisms of sanism, and to then envision and implement ways of organizing American life around it that do not limit our potential for flourishing so drastically.

How Victorian Women Were Oppressed Through Psychiatry

From The Atlantic: In the mid- to late 1800s, psychiatric institutions were used to oppress women and reinforce patriarchal norms. The new Netflix show Alias Grace, based...

The History of Psychiatry and Gay Conversion Therapy

From The Huffington Post: Like religion, psychiatry has played a major role in oppressing LGBTQ individuals throughout history. "Once psychiatry comes along we get horrible “treatments”...

3 Transition Obstacles as Mentally Ill and Transgender

In this piece for Everyday Feminism, Sam Dylan Finch discusses the oppression and obstacles he has experienced as a trans person in the mental...

Group Plans Protest Against the World Congress of Psychiatry

The International Association Against Psychiatric Assault (IAAPA) plans to protest against the World Congress of Psychiatry this October. The IAAPA considers it a "provocation"...

10 Reasons Survivors Might Know More Medicine Than Psychiatrists

We've been discussing a potential role for psychiatrists on this site, and I wanted some of the doctors to understand why many mental health...