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Interview With Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors

In this interview for Vice, Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors discusses her efforts to fight for the civil rights of marginalized communities and to speak...

Few Counselors Are Trained to Treat Racial Trauma

From ThinkProgress: A new study found that the majority of counselors in the United States are not prepared to identify or treat race-based trauma, which...

Dear Son: A Mother’s Experience of Psychiatry, Racism and Human Rights

I wanted to spare you, my son, from suffering like I did. I wanted to give you every opportunity I could. You have grown into a good man, a caring and successful man, yet you still have to fear for your life in this country. You still feel pain when you see what is happening.

“Why We Need to Talk About Racism as a Mental-Health Trigger”

“Some activists have been able to move forward and continue the work because they have access to therapists, healers, spiritual practitioners and networks of...