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Climate Change, Mental Health and Collective Action: An Interview with Jennifer...

In an interview with MIA's Akansha Vaswani, narrative therapist Jennifer Freeman calls for a shift away from individualistic approaches to 'eco-anxiety' and toward responses that connect us all to a counter-tsunami of action for the planet.

Resistance Matters: The Activism of Don Weitz

I have spent much of the past few years compiling and editing Resistance Matters: An Antipsychiatry Activist Speaks Out, which will document the long and rich activist career of Don Weitz, the grandpappy of Canadian antipsychiatry. Before I met Don in 1986, I thought I was the only person in the world who didn’t believe in “schizophrenia” (with which I had been diagnosed), and who realized that psychiatry was completely bogus.

Researchers Call for Structural Competency in Psychiatry

Structural competency in psychiatry emphasizes the social factors shaping patient presentations and encourages physician advocacy.