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Mental Health & Our Schools, Part 2

Schools are rolling out programs and services intended to safeguard studentsā€™ emotional well-being. They are full of potentialā€”and pitfalls.

Study Investigates Long-Term Effects of Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs have gained popularity in U.S. schools in recent years. A new study examines the nature and longevity of their impact on students.

Human Jobs in the Future Will Require Emotional Labor

FromĀ Aeon: As technological change reduces the demand for human jobs in scientific and cognitive fields such as software engineering, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing, future...

Optimizing Childrenā€™s Mental Health is a Social Justice Issue

I can spout off the most amazing strategies for optimizing childrenā€™s mental health, such as feeding them real food, making sure they get lots of unstructured playtime in natural spaces, loving them unconditionally, and guiding them to the intersection of their skills and passions. But if a parent doesnā€™t have the financial/emotional/physical/mental means to act on these strategies, it is for naught.