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Pathways to Enhance Well-Being: Free Resource on Alternative Wellness Practices

This week we e-release a new free booklet, Pathways to Enhance Well-Being. Its creation began with my colleague Linda Lentini sharing with me some of the barriers she experienced as she moved towards bringing alternative approaches such as meditation and breath practices into state psychiatric institutions.

How Essential Oils Became the Cure for Our Age of Anxiety

From The New Yorker: "Oils’ rising popularity is part of the contemporary appetite for wellness, an embrace of holistic healthy-living practices ranging from the...

The Myth of Mental Wellness: Can We Really Improve our “Mental...

"Mental Illness" is nothing but a label for coping styles that disrupt society. Hence its flip side "mental wellness" is just a label for coping styles that contribute to society. So "happiness businesses" can't really "heal" people — they merely convert their coping tools to socially productive ones.

This is What Self-Care Really Means

In this piece for Thought Catalog, Brianna West redefines self-care as actions we take to build a life that feels fulfilling, not a reprieve from...

The Wellness Epidemic

In this piece for The Cut, Amy Larocca investigates various aspects of the wellness industry, including homeopathy, natural medicine, spiritual exercise classes, and meditation, exploring...

Backing Away from Psychiatry

I believe now that fifteen years is more than a fair try. Fifteen years of getting treatment without returning to function is actually insanity. I should have given up after year two. Instead of trusting my intuition and insight, I pushed it down and down... until it finally fought its way back to the surface.

The Disease Loop – Mental Health Infographics

I have been creating graphics to explain some of the work we do. Infographics have a lot of power. This one is a rough...

Community Dialogues for Recovery and Wellness

The National Empowerment Center is promoting a new initiative called "Community Dialogues for Recovery and Wellness." These dialogues are designed to bring together people...

Prayer and Hope, Part II.

Since I accepted the Project Management gig where I work most of the time in the DFW Metroplex in Texas, I've gone through rough...