Volunteers for Psychotherapy Is A Finalist for International Award

Robert Whitaker

Volunteers for Psychotherapy, which is located in Hartford, Connecticut, and has for years run an innovative program that gets clients involved in community programs, has been named a finalist in an international national competition run by an online community called Changemakers. Changemakers is an online community devoted to fixing “social problems,” and Volunteers for Psychotherapy is one of ten finalists in the “Patients/Choices/Empowerment” competition (out of 227 entrants.) The Internet voting will wrap up on Tuesday, with the three top vote-getters each getting a $10,000 award.

Volunteers for Psychotherapy, which is led by pschologist Richard Shulman, offers therapy to clients who “pay” by doing volunteer work at a non-profit charity of their choice. The clients do two hours of volunteer work for every hour of therapy, and of course that volunteer work provides its own powerful therapeutic benefit. People get to serve others, and this is almost always a rewarding experience.

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Friday, November 26, 2010