Rachel Waddingham: From Psychiatric Patient to Teacher

Rachel Waddingham, manager of the London Hearing Voices Project, discusses her personal experience with Hearing Voices groups during an interview at the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales.

Waddingham is a trustee of the English Hearing Voices Network and ISPS UK (International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis), a media spokesperson, an international trainer and has over 12 year of experience in the mental health field. She is a voice-hearer and survivor of trauma, who spent more than a decade as a psychiatric patient on high doses of neuroleptic medication. This is latest in a series of interviews which will be featured on MadinAmerica.com


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  1. As a psychiatric survivor with many decades of lived experience including at least 33 years of hearing voices I’d like to put forward a politically incorrect truth to the hearing voices community that is true as sunshine no matter what anyone theorizes to the contrary. For many millions of the voice hearing the main cause is silver amalgem dental fillings which are made of 50%-53% mercury.If you hear the sound of a bell gong wherever you go you’ve got a puss infection under one of your molars that may not show on xray near the ear that hears the gong.Remove the molar.Remove the mercury fillings, get your root canals removed ,and be checked for cavitations.Hal Huggins trained dentists have the 2 years extra training to do these procedures with proper precautions correctly.Don’t get this work done by a dentist untrained in advanced procedures.Things could get even worse if you do. I’m talking from lived experience.Want more info google Hal Huggins also google Paracelsus Klinic and ask about how they do cutting edge dentistry there and the results they get.The bad news is all this costs a lot of money but at least your hearing the truth .It took me 24 years before my family would help me pay for these vital procedures.Voices gone ,which is what I wanted and to find out the cause.It is tragic that there is no foundation on earth that I know of that will help human beings with funds to get proper dental work done.Also see MercuryJustice.org God bless you all with the miracles you need.

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  2. Rachel, you are so lovely! I love your accent, very posh.

    I can relate so deeply to what you say about the experience of being on lots of psych meds completely erodes one’s sense of self and how the process of then regaining this sense of self is a slow one. I too did not feel even human as the result of intense psychiatric care. I too was helped by seeing others devastated by psychiatric drugs as human first before I could learn to accord myself this elevated status. What a shame that it is still considered protocol in your land and in mine to overmedicate young university students who experience emotional distress, which can then alter the direction and course of their whole life. May your work lead many others to a diminished dependence on meds and seeing oneself as primarily an illness.

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