1. As someone who had zero personal history of mental health problems prior to complaining of common adverse effects to a bad drug cocktail including Wellbutrin (given for smoking cessation, not depression), which were misdiagnosed (according to the “holy” DSM, itself) as “bipolar.” Who then suffered a (documented in my medical records) “Foul up” with Risperdal. Within 2 weeks of being put on it, it caused a terrifying psychosis.

    The atypical antipsychotics CAUSE psychosis in at least a percentage of those misdiagnosed. Although, based on my research, it seems they may help those who are not misdiagnosed. But the psychiatric industry really needs to overcome their delusions the antipsychotics are beneficial to all those misdiagnosed, which may be most patients.

    The atypicals CAUSE mental illness in normal people dealing with improprieties in life that are confusing (especially while dealing with adverse effects from an antidepressant given to cover up a “bad fix” by a paranoid PCP, whose husband had been the “attending physician” at a “bad fix” on a broken bone, and other sins.)

    The medical community is stupid and / or appallingly unethical to ignore the motives of doctors involved in the drugging of patients with psychotropic drugs, especially given the overriding profit motive to drug all patients with these drugs that effectively render all patients senseless.

    The similarities between what are now considered “bipolar” and “schizophrenia,” are likely insight into the effects of the antipsychotics, since currently both “disorders” require life long antipsychotic treatment as a “cure.” It’s the drugs CAUSING most the symptoms of these “diseases,” based on my experience, psychiatry. It’s time to stop “creating” bipolar / schizophrenia with drugs, please.

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    • The thing that most interests me in all of this is that what is labeled as “bipolar” was once a very rare occurance and when it did happen it seems to be episodic and not chronic. Now, after the arrival of the “wonderful” so-called antipsychotics and the misnamed antidepressants everyone and their brother is “bipolar” and it’s a chronic experience rather than episodic. Very interesting. We have an epidemic of people turning up “bipolar!” What in the hell is going on here?

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      • Actually, we all know what is going on and it has something to do with keeping psychiatrists hip-deep in so-called permanent “patients” so that they’re bank accounts stay nice and fat and the drug companies make profits to the tune of $35 billion a year!

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  2. I think it’s blatantly obvious, from a non-psychiatric background researcher’s perspective. What the science now proves is in agreement with what the psychiatrists are now confessing.

    The DSM disorders do not have any genetic links in etiology. However, the DSM disorders do seem to have iatrogenic links in etiology – in other words, it’s the drugs (and doctors giving them) causing the similarities in the DSM disorders.

    But you’re right, Stephan, the psychiatrists can’t confess, because it’d be too costly. Plus, from my experience most of them seem to be delusional, sociopathic, pathological liars anyway. Which I’ve read makes confession, repentance, and common decency, for those so inflicted, difficult.

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