Medicine and Psychiatry Square Off in Pelletier Case

Lou Pelletier appears on Fox News’ The Kelly File yesterday, discussing the continuing battle over his daughter Justina’s treatment.  “What’s amazing is, the only abuse you’ve been accused of is doing what the Tufts doctors wanted you to do, and the insurance companies paid for,” summarized host Megyn Kelly. “The doctors said ‘do it,’ you did it, and then another hospital said ‘that’s abuse.'”

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    • Me neither but it would be educational, when the psychiatrists question or deny the existence of mitochondrial disease, for the physicians to respond with a superior argument against the existence of “mental illness.” Not that I anticipate this, but maybe we could help encourage it. Somehow.

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    • I hope mainstream medicine, wielding it’s god complex delusions of grandeur / power out of control grandiosity, soon rethinks the wisdom of its ways. Which I have been told has historically and now, uses the psychiatrists to cover up their “easily recognized iatrogenesis” and “complex iatrogenesis,” with the “controversial iatrogenic artifacts.” Like chemically lobotomizing people with massive psychiatric miss-medication, to cover up a “bad fix” on a broken bone- or uncertainty of any diagnosis.

      Mainstream medicine, I have a theory, God knows about what I’ve been told by pastors is your “dirty little secret.”

      I hope and pray this is a foretelling that mainstream medicine may hopefully re-learn that trusting in the stupidity and complete lack of ethics of the psychiatric stigmatization system, is not an alternative to actual proper medical care.

      How sick and disgusting can mainstream medicine’s cover ups of their ignorance get, before the AMA and APA realize they aren’t actually in charge? But I think God is in charge, and He’ll let you make fools of your god complexed selves.

      Perhaps a return to trust in God’s guidance, rather than delusions of grandeur the doctors are God. And an end to your delusions psychiatric stigmatization can cover up all your errors or uncertainties, might be wiser than the “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” and killing as many as possible with psychiatric stigmatization and toxic psychiatric drugs because it’s profitable? Just a theory, doctors, especially now that we all live in the Information Age.

      I pray for justice for the millions being, or who have been, harmed by mainstream medicine, and psychiatry, including Justina. She has a name implying hope for justice. Please pray for justice for her and all with me.

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  1. How can psychiatry accuse anyone of abuse when they themselves routinely violate patients human rights ?

    Look what found,

    “Elizabeth Wray is a teenager suffering from PANDAS and Lyme Disease. Boston’s Children’s Hospital has essentially kidnapped her and is refusing to treat her for PANDAS. They immediately reintroduced gluten and dairy into her diet despite having been gluten- and dairy-free previously. They are refusing to treat her for PANDAS and are instead forcing her to take unnecessary and harmful antipsychotics against her and her parents’ consent. They are causing so much more harm than good. Elizabeth needs to be treated for PANDAS and given back to her loving, responsible parents. ”

    read more,

    Forcing anti psychotics , how do they do that ? They use hypodermic needles , threats, coercion brute force and violence against the patient.

    What does the general public think they ask nicely ? Forced drugging is the same as rape (unwanted things inside your body).

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