Authorities Ignoring Deaths, Forced Electroshock in Irish Mental Health System


An internal government investigation found that authorities did not investigate 50% of deaths that occurred inside mental health services in Ireland, reports the Irish Mirror. The investigation “also detailed how staff in a quarter of ‘sudden explained deaths’ broke the legislative requirements.” Meanwhile, according to, electroshock is still being widely administered against people’s will, despite a year-old pledge from the Irish government to stop forced electroshock.

The Mirror quotes one government representative describing the high number of uninvestigated deaths as “crass and cold” findings. “This is clear evidence that as a State we are badly failing people with mental health problems that come to our institutions for help.” reports that MindFreedom Ireland has continued to protest the lack of government action to limit forced electro-convulsive therapy.

Electroshock still used without consent despite promises (, October 5, 2014)

Law broken in 25% of death cases in our mental health services (Irish Mirror, October 6, 2014)


  1. The Irish Medical Council also ‘ignores’ the dangerous treatment of ‘inferiors’.

    I complained to The Irish Medical Council in November 2012 about deliberate Omission of Adverse Drug Reaction from my Records. The Medical Council provided me with details of doctors no longer registered while withholding details of the responsible consultant – who was on one of their committees.

    This ‘consultant’ had also been involved in the production of published studies favourable to the ADR medication, and his University had an established association with the manufacturer.

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      • B
        In Ireland a psychiatrist is a law unto himself. The psychiatrist has access to highly toxic drugs, he can choose the treatment and what reactions (or side effects) he records. Deaths don’t get investigated (much), so the doctor has power over life and death.

        In these circumstances no wrongdoing can be shown.

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        • No different in other parts of the world. Take Otto Wagner hospital in Vienna: they had a patient dying in restraints (he was sedated) – no wrongdoing although he was an elderly with heart problems and no monitoring was done. It’s also a tip of the mountain (and there are multiple stories of horrors in this hospital in the press).

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          • In another part of the hospital this would be murder.

            The thing about Ireland is that there are two extremes – some really progressive people and people that are not frightened of pushing the boundaries (regardless) and medical psychopaths that suppress toxic reactions that kill the person at a later date.

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  2. I live in the Republic of Ireland, and although I knew that electro shock was still used, I thought it was on a voluntary basis. There has been no mention of this in the main stream T.V stations, and any of the big papers. This implies that the establishment is protecting these quack doctors. This is 1942 Germany, all over again. Ireland is guilty of mass violations of human rights against the weakest in its society and this is the legacy of the Chatolic Church, as over 80% of Irish people identify themselves as Chatolic. Add the numbers together and you will see what I mean.

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    • I suspect that you are right about a lot of this stemming from the way that the Roman Catholic Church has controlled and continues to control the country of Ireland. The bishops and priests do as they please since they are a power unto themselves and lay people should not dare to call them into question about anything. This is why the pedophile problem was allowed to run rampant in the Irish and the American Catholic Church. Everything is done in an autocratic way with no discussion or contribution from lay people at all. It makes a situation ripe for corruption and control on all levels.

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      • I agree with what you say about absolute power in psychiatry. The fact is that in medicine doctors get struck off (in the UK) nearly every week of the year.

        My own ‘doctor’ who misrepresented me on mental health (not too long ago) was asked to leave on account of his own mental health problems. My original ‘doctor’ (from the UK Maudsley) who talked in terms of chemical imbalances went on to commit suicide.

        My ‘consultant’ in Ireland who was not capable of telling the difference between the side effects of his own ‘medication’ and genuine mental illness, was producing published papers on the benefits of the same ‘medication’.

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      • Here you have one awesome example of exactly what you’re writing about:
        She was held hostage by the medical community in the name of morality. She had obstetricians treat her like an incubator for a fetus and psychiatry treat her as insane (else how would she defy the rules of society?). It’s truly disgusting and it happens all the time and not only in Ireland and not only to women.

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