Use of Restraints in UK Care Homes Seven Times Level Previously Thought


“At least seven times as many elderly and disabled people are being routinely restrained or locked up in care homes and hospitals as previously thought,” reports UK’s The Telegraph. The revelations came to light in the wake of a UK Supreme Court decision that required care providers to respect the rights of people who’ve been certified under mental health laws, and to actually obtain specific written, legal orders to use restraints on them.

“A scathing House of Lords committee report, published just days before the Supreme Court ruling, also warned that legal safeguards were being ignored,” reports the Telegraph. The new procedures have allowed the extent of the use of restraints to be measured. “Councils have faced a surge in applications for legal clearance to deprive patients of their liberty.”

Care home restraint seven times level previously thought (The Telegraph, October 7, 2014)


  1. So now they have to come up with new new procedures that make it appear like the situation is improving. Then it’s pats on the back and pay rises all round.

    For the patients? Just another day in paradi….I mean restraints.

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  2. I have spent many hours in nursing homes here in America ones they charge big bucks to stay in and are “highly rated” and can deplete a lifetime of savings like presto . So you have no “mental health or illness record” no problem quicker than shit a nurse can chemically restrain you if they interpret you as being agitated which can be diagnosed for even talking or anything but sitting still in one place quiet. One of the reasons seniors often say “old age is not for sissy’s. “Oh he was agitated I just gave him something for it. ” Both my folks were in nursing homes . The director there a nurse ratchet Musolini type told me “I’d never go into a nursing home.” ( she was speaking about herself.)

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  3. Well, one little step forward. I just wonder how the “specific written, legal orders to use restraints” will be given out. If in the same way as the whole patient advocacy looks like than it’s just a fig leaf.

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