World Psychiatry Tackles “Public Mental Health”


The February issue of the journal World Psychiatry includes a variety of commentaries about strategizing to improve “public mental health.”

“What contributes to poor mental health is well known,” writes Stefan Priebe. “Adverse childhood conditions; experience of war, persecution and torture; social isolation; unemployment and social exclusion; poverty, poor education and low socio-economic status; and social inequality… What should be done?”

Articles include “The Political Mission of Psychiatry,” “Public mental health: science or politics?” and “Addressing social injustice: a key public mental health strategy.” All are open access.

World Psychiatry February 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1.


    • The real political mission of psychiatry appears to be to deflect all criticism of the status quo as “mental illness” and to medicate anyone who isn’t willing or able to play ball, so the rich can get richer and the rest of us can shut up.

      One guy in there does a good job of outlining the major schism between what is known about adverse social and emotional environments and “mental health” vs. the biological model. But he really doesn’t address the social-political-financial reasons this split with reality has occurred and continues to thrive. Without addressing corruption by pharmaceutical dollars and competition for “market share,” any analysis of psychiatry will fall short of addressing what is really going on.

      —- Steve

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