California Must Release Records of Violations of Patients Rights


“California health officials must release complete records of violations of patients’ rights at institutions for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled,” reported SFGate.

According to SFGate, the Center for Investigative Reporting had “sought records of citations issued to seven institutions by the Department of Public Health since 2002, but the department released records of 55 citations since 2007, with virtually all information blacked out.”

“The court ruled in favor of the Center for Investigative Reporting, whose articles, first published three years ago, disclosed hundreds of cases of abuses at the state-regulated centers between 2006 and 2011,” reported SFGate. “Some abuses resulted in broken bones and other serious injuries, but few resulted in criminal prosecution.”

State must release mental health records in full, court rules (SFGate, February 19, 2015)


  1. “virtually all information blacked out.”
    Oh, I see… Was that a national security issue or something?

    “few resulted in criminal prosecution.”
    Why am I anything but surprised? Plus I’m sure that the ones which end up in a file are anyway only the ones which result in serious physical injuries. The psychological abuse and use of psychiatric torture is just standard practice.

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    • Yes, I had black Sharpie marks on some of the medical records handed over to me. The psychologist had to cover up the names of her pastor and their alleged child molester friends. Of course, she forgot to cover up the word pastor and the name of the wife of the child molester some times – as if I’m not going to figure out I was misdiagnosed and poisoned with drugs based upon lies from these sickos?

      And the state of IL won’t hand over medical records, for a person illegally held and force medicated for a medically provable nonexistent UTI and “adjustment disorder,” until after the two year statute of limitations to sue is gone.

      I’m quite certain we need to start policing the medical community, especially since they’re now killing more people than have died in all wars combined. The right and apparent desire of the doctors to diagnose people with fictitious disorders and torture people with toxic tranquilizers has resulted in making a mockery of the entire medical community. But at least we can say the doctors intentionally harm people to cover up easily recognized medical mistakes and medical evidence of child abuse for the religions.

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