Foundation To Help Expand Hearing Voices Support Groups in US


The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care has announced that it has received $250,000 to fund a 3-year project “to bring Hearing Voices peer support groups to communities across the United States and to research the mechanisms by which these peer-support groups work.”

“People who hear voices, see visions, or experience other unusual perceptions, thoughts, or actions have long been diagnosed as psychotic and given a poor prognosis,” stated a press release from the Foundation. “Medications provide only partial help and their benefits typically diminish over time while destructive physical and psychological side effects become increasingly problematic.”

The Foundation-funded project will train more than 100 facilitators in 5 regions of the US and help strengthen the national network of peer support groups.

Coming to a town near you: real help for voice hearers (Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care press release, March 11, 2015)