“Promoting Amphetamines for Over-Eating – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”


On Health Care Renewal, Dr. Roy Poses writes that “uncritical media reports that parroted drug company executives” have led to “overenthusiastic promotion of the latest wonder drug.” Poses critically analyzes some of the research which resulted in Vyvanse being approved by the FDA to treat Binge Eating Disorder.

“(S)o far there has been little skepticism about the efficacy of the drug,” writes Poses. “In fact, close reading of the report of one major trial showed that at best it has minimal efficacy, and even the evidence for that is weak and sketchy. Furthermore, major news media have been hesitant to cite the real questions that have been raised about the nature of the disease for which the drug was advocated.”

Promoting Amphetamines for Over-Eating – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Health Care Renewal, February 26, 2015)


  1. Yikes! Scary to read, but I would try ANYTHING to loose weight in the past. I began dieting when I was 10 years old but gained and lost the same 60 pounds over and over again, eventually reaching my top weight of 260. I tried diet pills for years. They made me crazy, but I kept using them to loose weight. Nothing worked long term, though, until I found a free, 12-step program for food addiction (www.foodaddicts.org). I have maintained a healthy weight for over 11 years and my obsession with my weight, body and food has disappeared! I am forever grateful.

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