How Many Times Must a Frightened, Troubled Person Be Shot?


In Above the Law, law student Renwei Chung discusses the current Supreme Court case looking at police shootings of people with disabilities.

Chung reviews a number of incidents of police shootings of people suffering psychological problems, and posts a link to a video of a man with a pocket knife, surrounded by eight police officers and an aggressive police dog, ultimately dying in a hail of bullets. “After seeing the video, do you believe the police officers used excessive force?” writes Chung.

Supreme Court To Decide On ADA and Fourth Amendment Issues In Police Shootings (Above the Law, April 10, 2015)


  1. How cowardly , heartless, criminal, and tragic. I’ve seen how they circle the wagons after murdering people in a hail of gunfire who have no guns to shoot back . Are they trying to use their own version of shock and awe ? Maybe the supreme court will stop future brutal heartless murders by “police officers” and bring those “police officers” who’ve already murdered innocent people to justice. No justice No peace .

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