“The New York Times and the ADHD Epidemic”


In a commentary in Society, MIA Bloggers Jonathan Leo and Jeffrey Lacasse review the New York Times‘ history of reporting on ADHD and the ensuing epidemic of ADHD.

“It is certainly heartening that that the Times has turned a more skeptical eye on mental health reporting in general, and ADHD in particular,” write Leo and Lacasse. “However, we wonder, if during the past two decades the Times’ readership had been exposed to the broader debate about ADHD, would the epidemic that the Times is now writing about be as severe?”

Leo, Jonathan, and Jeffrey R. Lacasse. “The New York Times and the ADHD Epidemic.” Society 52, no. 1 (January 10, 2015): 3–8. doi:10.1007/s12115-014-9851-5. (Excerpt) (Full text)


  1. In defense of the Times, they have published more and more stories skeptical of the psychiatric profession’s bizarre view of the world. Compared to the average media outlet, sometimes they sound like a version of Mad In America.

    After all, our friend Jeffrey Lieberman was heard to complain that the Times was persecuting his profession, so SOMETHING good is going on there.

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  2. We need more Breggin, Whitaker, and Burstow articles in the NYT. Maybe republish some Szasz articles too. It would cause an uproar, but isn’t that what journalism is about?

    Here’s a good title for an article to publish in the NYT:

    “The Myth of Mental Illness”

    Brilliant! I can’t believe I just came up with that!

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