“Just Because It’s Legal, Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe”


Interviews with people who murdered their own loved ones while taking SSRI antidepressants are included in the documentary, “Dark Side of a Pill.”

The one-hour documentary is from the Irish-language public broadcaster TG4, and is currently available with English subtitles on YouTube.

TG4 Dark Side Of A Pill 2014 (YouTube, June 7, 2015)

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  1. As a victim of zoloft, and of effexor…. and others, now recovering. Thankyou for this video. It helps me shed some of my overwhelming guilt. When it wasnt me, it was the drugs.

    My own experience has been that once put on “drugs”, I started to look for a reason for my depresssion……..(now I know the depression was not even there……before the damn pills), anyway, my experience is that I went looking for people to blame, ie my boss at work, all her fault, or my husband, all his fault . I would ruminate through things long past…………….. once I was forcibly medicated and in a mother and baby ward, with my beautiful 3 months old baby…. They allowed me to have the baby in the bath with me, and I had the most overwhelming urge to blame him, and drown him……….

    Luckily I still had some brain left, but that urge, so sudden, so out of the blue, haunts me still…… my son is now 20, and finally I can tell the truth….. Imagine if I had reported to the doctor, what the leaflet now says to report “thoughts of suicide or homicide”. Imagine if I had admitted that then……… I would not have kept my children.

    I was given a valium once by a gp, because I couldnt sleep…….. It sent me psychotic (I only realise that now).. thus the beginning of my horrors with SSRIs, SRNIs…………I thought I was mad,. now I know there never was anything wrong, just me trusting my sister, and her doctor………

    That valium that night, I had a fully breastfed baby, and if those drugs sent me so crazy, what were they doing to him, in my milk….. That night he stopped breathing three times, and in my psychosis, I still raised him into the cold air, and he breathed again………… Now what if he had died? I would be on a murder charge?

    Well done to all in this video, it is spot on, so true……………….

    There was only one fatality, during my time on and off these drugs, For 8 weeks use of zoloft in first trimester, my son Steven was born healthy, only to die an agonizing death after 3 days, yes the first HLHS baby in Australia……….. I reported it everywhere……… after 19 years I contact TGA, they cant find the report. I did it again, and still took me many edits and perserverance, as they wanted to blame everything BUT the zoloft.

    After effexor? I lost everything, marriage, home, employment,…….. and I didnt realise how reckless i was, how NOT ME, I was, until I got off the stuff………. that took two plus years of hell…………My son and I were homeless for a while…………

    Anyone thinking that legal pills are OK? DONT DO IT! Will destroy your life, and if you escape without a death, after these horrible pills, you are lucky. I am so grateful, I never drowned my beautiful boy………………..

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    • Bless you for sharing your heartbreaking story! I am so sorry you had to go through all of this, and it makes me very angry at all the so-called “professionals” who continue to be too arrogant to listen to anything their clients tell them. You are very brave to go public with this, and it will help others to know it’s not their “depression” and they are not alone.

      Thanks for posting your story!

      —- Steve

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