FDA to Review “Digital Pill” to Monitor Patients on Antipsychotic


Last Thursday, the FDA agreed to review a “digital pill,” combining a sensor with the antipsychotic Abilify, in order to track patients’ compliance with drug treatment.  Patients taking the tracker pill would also wear a patch, which would receive information and relay it to a mobile device, according to a brief report by BioPharmaDIVE.

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  1. “This sort of technology has obvious advantages from a compliance standpoint, since doctors will have direct knowledge of whether or not the medication regimen is being followed. (…) “People are given a bag of pills and told to go away and take them and very often they don’t,””

    Btw, since when is that my doctor’s business? I’m an adult and it’s my right to take or not take any pills he/she prescribes me and it’s also my business to tell him/her about it since this relationship is based on trust. Look at the attitude here. The arrogance and straight out authoritarian approach is mind-boggling.

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      • Well then if this is just a simple RFID chip then coat the pill with paraffin wax so it cant dissolve in the stomach. Food-grade paraffin is commonly used for manufacturing candles.

        I can’t hardly believe I am writing on a story about tracking microchips inside pills. The world itself is getting sick.

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  2. Maybe its not just RFID

    “The pills, made by Proteus Digital Health, have sand-particle-sized silicon chips with small amounts of magnesium and copper on them. After they’re swallowed, they generate voltage as they make contact with digestive juices.”


    So there you go, dissolve it in some lemon juice.

    Look up: make battery lemon juice

    Even if they lock the patch to the “patients” body this method is so defeatable its a joke. Dissolve e pill in any acid like vinegar lemon juice.

    I also read somewhere that a piece of deli meat like ham will defeat one of those SCRAM alcohol monitors probation puts on peoples ankles by simulating skin.

    How is Lindsay Lohan doing anyway ? That’s where I heard it.

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