“The Life of a Professional Guinea Pig”


In the Atlantic, Cari Romm describes “what it is like to earn a living as a research subject in clinical trials.”  “Phase 1 trials are almost always where the money is,” she writes, but they are “also the least regulated” and “companies aren’t legally required to register a trial with Clinicaltrials.gov.” “It seems to me like if you were considering signing up for one of these things, you would at least want to know the data that’s out there about [safety],” said Carl Elliott, an author for MIA and expert on the ethics of human subject research.

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  1. What about these lab rats ?

    With patent extension up for grabs, Shire agrees to test Vyvanse in preschoolers

    Glaxo, Testing Paxil on 7-Year-Olds Despite Well Known Suicide Risks

    Testing liquid Risperidone on children using threats of painful needles to coerce it.

    “You need some medicine to help you get back in control. Take this medicine or we may have to give you a shot.”

    This link is an MIA article Threats, Coercion and Chemical Restraints for Distressed Children

    And just for the heck of it here is a link to the Nuremberg Code

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