Video: More Harm than Good Conference on Psychiatric Drugs


On September 18th, the one day “More Harm than Good Conference” brought together many of the leaders of the critical psychiatry movement.  While the event has passed, the video and slides from the conference have been made available on the council for evidence-based psychiatry website

The slides from the event can be downloaded here.



The More Harm Than Good Conference has now published individual videos of each to the talks given at the recent conference.

These can be accessed on their YouTube channel at:

The individual talks are:

Dr James Davies: The Origins of the DSM

Robert Whitaker: Our Psychiatric Drug Epidemic

Robert Whitaker: ADHD, Changing the Child Instead of the Environment

Prof Peter Gøtzsche: Why Few Patients Benefit and Many are Harmed

Prof John Abraham: The Misadventures of Pharmaceutical Regulation


  1. More harm then good, exactly.

    The way it is now is most people harmed by psychiatry still think they are the exception and not the norm. People believe that when they take the pills and have nothing but side effects and maybe nasty withdrawals, the whole psychiatric nightmare, they think they are part of some unlucky minority instead of noticing so many others can’t find the “right meds” wile they too continue to have psychiatry keeping them sick.

    If an automobile repair shop broke more cars than it fixed they would be out of business in a month but for some reason when psychiatry does more harm than good they just continue to rake billions of dollars.

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