University Owes Mistreated Psychiatric Subjects an Apology


The University of Minnesota recently announced that it is ending the controversial practice of recruiting study participants from patients involuntarily being held in their psychiatric unit.  In a commentary for Minnesota’s Star Tribune, bioethicist and MIA contributor Carl Elliot reports that the university has still not apologized to the patient who spoke out against this practice.  Instead, “the university has done its best to discredit him.”

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  1. I have read hundreds of articles and news reports on crimes committed by the institution of psychiatry.

    Now matter how horrific their acts they NEVER apologize.

    Their friends in pharmaceutical industry did ONCE , it took the makers of Thalidomide 50 years to issue an apology.

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  2. It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate the practices of American mainstream psychiatry (academic, clinical) from those of Nazi medicine or psychiatry. The fact that this does not appear to be readily prosecutable as the crime this is, or that holding the University of Minnesota legally accountable does not appear to be slam-dunk, says a great deal about our societal values. But what about the people of Minnesota..are there not enough decent people who are willing to stand up and say “NOT IN MY NAME, NOT WITH MY TAX DOLLARS?”

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  3. Apology would be nice – financial compensation would be better. Criminal charges for people involved in this scandal even better.
    No empathy, no shame, no remorse – which personality disorder is that supposed to be, remind me again?

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