“Can You Think Yourself into a Different Person?”


Will Storr, for Mosaic Science, wades into the world of neuroplasticity and explores to what extent our brains are capable of changing through adulthood. He asks if the tendency to overemphasize the findings of epigenetics and neuroplasticity isn’t tied to our cultural belief that individuals are totally free to create themselves and pursue the American dream.

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  1. First one would have to define the American dream

    1. The ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American.
    2. A life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the U.S.

    Then we have that question are we just nuerochemical robots or do we have a spirit and soul.

    I think the definition of the American so called dream has been twisted into the false belief that success means finding happiness consumerism and what I call modern day feudalism is possible.

    To borrow from national lampoons vacation I have never seen anyone so effing happy about a 30 year mortgage on a POS house (that only took 1500 man hours to build) that they were whistling Dixie out of there buttholes. 30 years of working and making payments to pay for 1500 man hours of work, what a complete scam. This modern day feudalism, the American so called “dream” of course also includes property taxes, insurance and lots of other parasitic expenses.

    So can you think yourself into a different person?

    I think so,

    When you deprogram people, you force them to think… to open their minds. When the mind gets to a certain point, they can see through all the lies that they’ve been programmed to believe. They realize that they’ve been duped and they come out of it.

    So if the American “dream” isn’t working for you, working your butt off to live in suburbia to play the stupid games of my lawn is greener than yours with your neighbors try rethinking it. WTF would make me more happy ? And like NIKE says “just do it”.

    That’s what I did and wow no more drinking and psych pills and just wanting to be dead.

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