1. I saw that movie Limitless high on Ritalin back in 2011. I took 30mg before the movie started then chewed down 20 more in the theater. I always chew up pills.

    I was like wow I get it, its happening to me right now. I am high like that too but towards the end of the movie I had to pee real bad and was starting to feel paranoid and put off getting up and asking everyone to move so I could get to the bathroom way to long until it really hurt.

    I wonder how my buddy I met in treatment who was addicted to that stuff and gave me some is doing ? He got kicked out before me and I lost contact.

    Limitless Pill Scene https://youtu.be/xP-ZwmCPBAs?t=46s

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  2. These ADHD drugs make you feel like your better at everything and in the beginning and I guess you are but it doesn’t last and that better at everything is mostly an illusion as it makes your thinking more “inside the box” .

    I would suggest that parents take an adult size dose of any of these ADHD drugs before giving them to their children to experience what its really like as opposed to just observing the effects from the outside on the child.

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  3. Hey, “the_cat”, sorry I missed this over a year ago! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve heard Ritalin acts more as a sedative, or downer, in children, but has the opposite, stimulant effect in adults…..just sayin’! ~B./

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