1. I suggest you relabel the article, “Programs Expand Role for People Labeled “Schizophrenic” In Their Own Care.”

    Calling your fellow humans “schizophrenic patients” is harmful, inaccurate, and stigmatizing… schizophrenia is not a valid illness, people so labeled are not medical patients, etc.

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  2. It appears, from the article, he took the ADHD stimulents can cause “psychosis,” iatrogenic pathway to a “schizophrenia” diagnosis. And, combining an antidepressant and an antipsychotic, the drug cocktail it says he’s on now, can indeed also create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. It’s a shame the psychiatric profession doesn’t confess to such iatrogenic harm, and the newspapers don’t honestly report the truth about the drugs either.

    But I did think it was good his therapist confessed that all “psychosis” actually is, is unusual thoughts. And, given this basic reality, it is actually really insane that our society stigmatizes people for confessing to concerns, such as being video taped, given the fact we do live in a society filled with video cameras and most people have cell phones with video capabilities. Why have psychiatrists convinced our society to villianize people for thinking? I find that absurd, and stupid.

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    • Why do we have psychiatrists? you asked.
      They are exploiting human feelings as a means to profit. They profit in power, power as authority and financially. The same way religion profits in power.

      With the current concept of mental illness, the person is not responsible, a half truth. We are not responsible for choosing our feeling, but we are responsible for choosing our actions ( that lead to feelings).

      Humans will always have emotions and the ability to “sin” . As they have removed the sinner from their sin ( their choice to sin) the psychiatrist are in total control.

      The question to me is “How long can this new religion work for?”

      I saw a show on TV last night of DBS for anorexia. The supposed doctor said (and maybe believes) the patients have no free will. With this belief the patient can not control their actions, it justifies the dangerous surgery for DBS.

      I wonder of the future. Will everyone who does not follow orders have DBS placed in their brain? Mass production will bring the cost down, like the first VCR was $10,000.

      The ultimate in sadomasochism, compelled to follow orders by wires in ones brain.

      What? You don’t want the cure for mental illness? You really are sick. You really do need DBS to make you see the truth.

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      • markps2,

        I was asking more about why the psychiatrists have convinced society that unusual thoughts are a reason to stigmatize someone, than why we have psychiatrists. I do agree the psychiatric theology is basically the opposite of Jesus’ theology. It’s a divide and conquer theology. It’s about a few having the power to legally defame and force poisons onto everyone else. It’s about treating others deplorably, not as you personally would like to be treated. It is a very sick theology, and a theology is all it is, since it does not have any scientific validity, nor reliability. “How long can this new religion work for?” Let’s hope not much longer, it was seen as appalling after the Nazi era and inappropriate treatment of the Russian dissidents, too. I’m really disappointed our formerly “Christian” country is advocating belief in it right now.

        As to, “Humans will always have emotions and the ability to ‘sin.’ As they have removed the sinner from their sin (their choice to sin) the psychiatrist are in total control.” My personal experience was that psychiatrists actually covered up child abuse sins, by drugging up a concerned mother. I wasn’t much of a sinner when I was gas lighted by psychiatrists. But I did listen to the pastor, for whom the child abuse was being covered up, talk for years about his “perpetual sins.” And talk about his belief that a sin is when God is not looking, which I thought was a weird and not likely accurate definition of sin, since I think God knows all. He was a guilt ridden man, jealous of his little daughter because she wasn’t a “perpetual sinner,” thus she was a “free spirit.”

        My theory is repentance alleviates one from being a “perpetual sinner,” but my ex-religion thinks “repentance is a work,” and thus completely unnecessary. Which is actually an unbiblical belief system. So I had to leave that religion. And they have now turned the whole religion into an unrepentant child abuse covering up organization.


        I chose to walk away from my loony psychiatrists at the same time, and write my own story instead. Because when confronted with all the misinformation written into my psychiatrist’s medical records, he declared my entire life a “credible fictional story,” as if he was God and dictated reality. How insane psychiatrists think they should have total control over other human beings lives, no thanks. I don’t agree with their anti-Christian theology, nor their “bible.” And it is my opinion they are the ones with the “delusions of grandeur.”

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        • RE”a sin is when God is not looking” is wrong. Yes the creator is always present. In the bible when he asks Cain what happened to his brother I am sure God knew. We have freewill to chose to do evil or good. Without freewill we would be mindless robots.
          The world wars killed millions of people , God wasn’t looking at that time?
          The creator gave us a heaven or hell , it’s what we make of it.

          What makes a plant grow? What makes a wound heal? Only God.

          I am sorry you were silenced by psychiatry.

          “why the psychiatrists have convinced society that unusual thoughts are a reason to stigmatize someone”
          I wasn’t alive in 1940 when they first discovered/invented penicillin, but I believe most everyone went to church back then.
          Weird people used to be believed to be diseased or have Devils in them. You didn’t want to catch it. Penicillin killed most disease.
          Death was common before penicillin and the discovery of the four blood types.
          The brain chemical imbalance (wrongly) explained the unusual thoughts in the “mentally ill”.
          Everyone wants an easy answer to why some people are crazy and psychiatry gives it to them.

          The truth is that people are gradually made crazy every day until you have a person who has little free will, for example the Anorexic who can’t eat.
          “For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them”
          Punish them with drugs, electroshock and all that brain damaging stuff.

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