1. As a woman, I was massively drugged by doctors whose goal, it appears from my medical records, was to profit off of covering up the medical evidence of a “bad fix” on a broken ankle of mine by my PCP’s husband, and the medical evidence of the sexual abuse of my four year old child, for an ELCA pastor.

    I used to believe doctors had made a promise to “first and foremost do no harm,” and had malpractice insurance to prevent such paranoid schizophrenic medical anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings. And I had thought it was against the law to rape little children, and certainly against the law for pastors to cover up such crimes. I had no idea covering up child abuse was the psychiatric industry’s number function within humanity today.


    I do agree, women are being drugged inappropriately due to their legitimate concerns. And only a way too paternalistic society would actually give unchecked power to an industry whose number one function within society, is profiting off of covering up the abuse of small children by turning them into “schizophrenics” with the neuroleptics. A drug class which creates the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” via neuroleptic induced deficit disorder. And creates the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” via the central symptoms of anticholinergic intoxication syndrome.

    But at least I now know what the “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” is. The actual function of the psychiatric industry, has historically been, and is still today, covering up child abuse for the religions and proactively preventing legitimate malpractice suits for incompetent, unethical, and paranoid doctors.

    A kind of ironic thing I noticed recently about my ex-PCP’s husband, is he has now been sued for killing another person, who also landed in a hospital due to an ankle problem. And my ex-religion has turned it’s national synod headquarters into nothing more than a “psychopathic” child abuse covering up organization.


    That guy might not have died, had my concerns been taken seriously, rather than me being defamed, discredited, and poisoned to proactively prevent a potential, legitimate malpractice suit, however. And it is a shame too many mainstream religions have seemingly been taken over by pedophile promoters.

    It is my theory that it is actually inappropriate for psychiatrists to declare all female concerns to be “irrelevant to reality”?

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    • Oh, I forgot, one of my other doctors was also arrested by the FBI, but not until seven years after I made complaints about him, that were ignored also. Here’s V R Kuchipudi’s arrest warrant, for similar crimes against many, many patients:


      And again, if my concerns had been taken seriously, rather than being ignored by the ELCA synod offices and hospitals, IL DPR, FBI, State’s Attorney’s office, all relevant police departments, DCFS, and instead declared “odd delusions” by a psychiatrist, the many patient deaths of V R Kuchipudi may have been prevented also.

      But, it seems, maintaining that unjust, “dirty little secret” way of covering up easily recognized iatrogenesis and child abuse is the number one priority of all these organizations. How bizarre I used to believe we lived in a society based upon actual laws, and the belief all people are created equal. Now police officers actually tell people that the “regular people” must make “sacrifices,” implying we must allow our children to be raped by the wealthy, and never get justice. How low can this country go?

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