“Alternative Therapies Should Be Considered Before Antipsychotics for Children”


The official voice of the American Psychiatric Association covers the short and long term side-effects of antipsychotics and promotes the use of therapeutic alternatives with children.  “Antipsychotics have serious short-term side effects among children, and more extended, longitudinal data on their safety in this particularly vulnerable age group do not exist.”

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    • This wreaks of a slice of a guilty conscious, no couldn’t be, there’s only one conscience within the entire psychiatric industry.

      As to that “moral continuum,” seems antipsychotics and euthenasia are pretty close to the same thing – murder vs torture, which is better? which is worse? Personally, I think being murdered would have been easier, than the defamation and torture I lived through. I guess it depends upon what other “alternative therapies” the APA has in mind for the children, blood letting, lobotomies, ECT?

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