1. Artificial light boxes …. Pick up an old school 300 watt incandescent bulb and light up the room you spend time in during that time of year when the days get shorter. December.

    In winter the old style light-bulbs don’t waste energy because the so called “wasted” energy is heat that’s needed to heat the house anyway so why not brighten things up and feel better ?

    Seasonal affective disorder ? Get some 300 watt old school incandencents and make a bright room. It works.

    300 Watt – 1500 Watt >>> http://www.topbulb.com/light-bulbs/incandescent/standard-a-shape/300-watt-1500-watt


    Light boxes.. That’s silly. Make the whole room is a light-box . Don’t let those profiteers with those expensive light boxes and LEDs rip you off.

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  2. Traditional incandescent bulbs have a ‘colour rendering index’ rating of 100, because they match the hue of objects seen in natural daylight. However even ‘warm’ finish LED or florescent bulbs can only manage an index rating of 80 and most are far less.

    MIT researchers can recycle the light of incandescent light and become 4 times as efficient as LED lights http://nextbigfuture.com/2016/01/mit-researchers-can-recycle-light-of.html

    Incandescents still best , even MIT agrees.


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