The Curious Case of over 50 Consecutive ECTs in Melbourne


Over the past few weeks I have been witness to, and increasingly involved in trying to stop one of the most extreme examples of psychiatric brutality I have encountered in my 40 years in this field. And I have encountered quite a few.

I will describe these events in a series of installments, mostly using my correspondence with the various agencies of the state of Victoria involved in the case, or in some cases NOT involved despite our best efforts. These include the Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, the Mental Health Tribunal, the Mental Health Complaints Commission and the state government. I think the main message or motivation for writing these four or five pieces is not to show how fatally flawed and dangerous the profession of psychiatry can be (most MIA readers probably know that), but to remind us how complicit the rest of society can be. Some of the agencies that have behaved the worst in all of this are precisely the ones that are supposed to be protecting the human rights of people who use mental health services.

But I begin on a more positive note, with two invaluable contributions from the media. They will help readers who have not been following this series of calamities on social media get a sense of what has been going on. I suggest you sit down before watching and reading. This is not your usual, run-of-the-mill psychiatric abuse story.

On December 17th, 2015 a national TV station, ABC, broadcast a nine-minute segment on GD’s case in their current affairs ‘7.30’ programme. This was a powerful piece in which GD himself and his Dad had their say (not always the case in the mainstream media). The psychiatrist in charge of this whole sorry mess, Dr Paul Katz, did himself no favours by publicly expressing the view that being strapped to a bed for days on end is not so bad because these days they use velcro, not chains.

More recently, on February 14th, Melbourne’s quality newspaper The Age covered the story. I have pasted it in full below.

The discrepancy between ‘over 70’ in the article and the ‘over 50’ in the headline to this blog arises from the fact that the journalist — quite reasonably — included all the times that the electric shock failed to produce the convulsion that is required for the treatment to be deemed to have happened. This tends to happen increasingly over time because the brain’s threshold for a convulsion increases a little with each electric shock (presumably the brain’s attempt to protect itself from further trauma). This is one of the reasons why having so many shocks consecutively is particularly dangerous. The hospital records I have seen show that on one occasion they gave GD four in one day.

My next installment will focus on the role of the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist. This will show just how futile a gesture it was for the Minister to ask the Chief Psychiatrist for a report. (But apparently it is so ‘rare’ for a Minister to do anything at all that the journalist was very impressed.)

State examining treatment of man subjected to multiple cases of shock therapy

The Sunday Age, 14.2.2016   –   Farrah Tomazin

The state government is investigating the treatment of a man who has had more than 70 hits of shock therapy without his consent, prompting his family and medical experts to fear for his life.

In a rare intervention, the government has asked Victoria’s Chief Psychiatrist for a report on Garth Daniels, a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia, whose case has reignited the debate surrounding the use of electro convulsive therapy (ECT) and the safeguards for people in psychiatric care.

Mr Daniels and his family say the 40-year-old, who is an involuntary patient at the Upton House psychiatric hospital in Box Hill, has been administered about 75 electric shocks in six months and spent almost 60 days last year tied to his bed with Velcro straps.

But while the hospital insists the treatment is “in accordance with the law and appropriate clinical guidelines”, Mr Daniels’ father Bernard believes that ECT – which involves inducing seizures by delivering an electric current through the brain – is making his son worse.

“His memory is clearly impaired and I fear that if this goes on, he could end up a vegetable,” he said.

The case has already sparked a number of legal battles: one from Mr Daniels, who is suing the hospital for assault and last week told The Sunday Age, “I don’t want to be in this hospital, I just want to go home as soon as possible”, and another from his father, who is attempting to gain an injunction in an attempt to stop Eastern Health from administering two types of drugs, Clexane​ and Zuclopenthixol​.

But last week, Mental Health Minister Martin Foley was also asked to intervene, with Swinburne University clinical psychology professor John Read raising the issue with the government and lodging a series of formal complaints against the Mental Health Tribunal, which gave the hospital the go-ahead to increase the rate of Mr Daniels’ shock treatment.

Health department guidelines state that “a course of ECT can be up to 12 treatments performed over a period of time that cannot exceed six months”. And in order to administer ECT, a patient must also give informed consent, unless they are ruled incapable of doing so.

But Professor Read said this was precisely the problem: at the last tribunal hearing a few weeks ago, Mr Daniels was unable to have his say “because the hospital had him strapped to his bed, yet again”. The tribunal – having decided he was incapable of giving consent – then authorised a further round of ECT.

“There seems to be little or no protection of the human or legal rights of people using mental health services in the state of Victoria,” said Professor Read.

Psychiatrist Jock McLaren – who has independently assessed Mr Daniels and wrote a report telling the tribunal he believed the patient had the mental capacity to refuse consent – also raised concerns. “They need to realise that 20 years of conventional treatment has adjectively failed, and if they continue on the present course, this man could die,” he said.

Mr Daniels has been in and out of institutions for 20 years, following a drug-induced psychosis in 1996. His doctors say he can be “extremely aggressive” and “unpredictable” however he insists he is mentally capable of providing authority for ECT and doesn’t want it.

Asked about the case last week, Mr Foley told The Sunday Age: “Serious mental illness is devastating not just for the person who has it, but for those who love them. I can understand Mr Daniels’ family needing to seek assurances that their son is being well cared for. I am familiar with his story and have asked the Chief Psychiatrist to report back to me with an update on his treatment.”

Mr Daniels’ psychiatrist Dr Paul Katz did not respond to a request for comment, but a communications spokesman for Eastern Health supplied a statement saying: “Eastern Health provides treatment to all its mental health patients in accordance with the law and appropriate clinical guidelines.”

Although at the time of this writing the shock treatments have finally been stopped by the latest hearing of the Mental Health Tribunal (February 18), the psychiatrists may appeal this decision, and pressure needs to be maintained. Their first action after the hearing was to cancel GD’s leave privileges so that he could not attend the first class of a long-awaited photography course today.

More on the Mental Health Tribunal, and why its President is now under investigation, in a later instalment. The decision to finally prevent Katz and his colleagues from continuing the ‘treatments’ was made on the basis of ECT not being the ‘least restrictive treatment.’  Jock McLaren, a wonderful Australian psychiatrist, just said in an email to us all down here in Melbourne, “You need to demand an answer from the president of the tribunal as to why there is another less restrictive means of treatment now but there wasn’t last week?”

(Jock assessed GD as perfectly capable of accepting or refusing treatment, when the Upton House psychiatrists and the previous Tribunal hearings said he was incapable.)

We believe that the media publicity and the public outcry on social media may have helped the Tribunal get it right this time. At least they know they are being watched.

So… you may wish to sign the petition. Or attend a protest this Saturday (February 20) in Melbourne or London – or organise your own, however small?

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Petition: Stop the Brutal & Forced Electric Shock Torture of Garth Daniels


Melbourne protest details: 

Melbourne protest – Stop the Brutal & Forced Electroshock Torture of Garth Daniels

London protest details:

End the forced Electroshock of Garth Daniels


  1. Wow, what a horrific story.

    If the family has any resources, I hope they can bring a lawsuit against the treating psychiatrist and the hospital. There are several issues on which the psychiatrist and hospital should be sued for major damages in the millions of dollars:

    – Administering long-term antipsychotics drugs which have no evidence base of long-term efficacy, and probably doing so without warning the client and family about the horrific long term side effect risks like tardive dyskinesia.
    – Using an unscientific invalid diagnosis (“schizophrenia”) as the basis for treatments like neuroleptics and shock “therapy”.
    – Repeatedly using a treatment which has much data showing it causes harm (see Peter Breggin) on a person who was desperately trying to refuse it.

    Can the family be referred to a lawyer who will take the case pro bono or at low cost?

    This is the only thing that will stop these people in the establishment, real consequences: losing millions of dollars and/or going to jail. In my opinion, the psychiatrist should face serious jail time, just like anyone who inflicts real physical harm on another in such crimes as assault, battery, rape, and even murder. This can happen, even to figures in authority positions: recently several police officers here in America have gone to jail, as well as a few doctors and Wall Street executives who egregiously deceived and/or harmed members of the public.

    Regarding this,

    “”Serious mental illness is devastating not just for the person who has it, but for those who love them. I can understand Mr Daniels’ family needing to seek assurances that their son is being well cared for. I am familiar with his story and have asked the Chief Psychiatrist to report back to me with an update on his treatment.””

    No…. there is no “mental illness”. “Serious mental illness” is not out there “doing” anything. What is devastating is poverty, isolation, fear, stress, trauma, abuse… the factors that result in the psychotic “symptoms”… trauma both from one’s family of origin/upbringing and from the psychiatrists that “treat” the resulting problems by lying to the client that they have a brain disease and require drugs and shock “therapy.”

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  2. John
    thank you for bringing this case to a wider audience – mental “health” treatment in Australia is truly barbaric, and the Mental Health Tribunals are nothing more than kangaroo courts.

    The State and Territory commissions and and medical boards that are responsible for overseeing doctors will do NOTHING about psychiatrists, and psychiatrists are given very wide and total immunity under the law the instant they claim a patient is dangerous, which it seems they may be doing in this case to justify their barbarism.

    I have proposed that in the ACT any person seeing a psychiatrist (and their carers where appropriate) must sign and informed consent form that clearly outlines the extent of the powers (legal and medical) psychiatrists have BEFORE divulging any information at all to them or receiving any treatment. I have also suggested that informed consent should also be applied to each and every treatment before it is administered.

    I fully support your petition and will now sign it.

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  3. The psychiatrist in charge of this whole sorry mess, Dr Paul Katz, did himself no favours by publicly expressing the view that being strapped to a bed for days on end is not so bad because these days they use velcro, not chains.

    Classic psychiatry.

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  4. Two key points jumped out and bit me….My first Q? was *WHY* did this nightmare start, in the first place….????…. Supposedly, Garth Daniels’ “mental illness” began as when it was “cannabis-induced”.
    I challenge that, absolutely. I do NOT believe that there is any legitimate basis to justify Electrocution-Torture based on a bogus “diagnosis” of an even more bogus “cannabis-induced” “disorder”. I’d need to see a LOT more legitimate, medical evidence, before I could begin to believe such hogwash. It seems much more likely, that some psychotic anti-weed nut-jobber wants to use Garth to push an anti-cannabis agenda…..
    And, the claims of Garth’s alleged “dangerousness” ring hollow. Even the quack shrink who’s pushing the Electro-Cution-TORTURE seems quite calm about describing Garth’s alleged “dangerousness”. If he’s so “dangerous”, why isn’t he in jail?
    What this most looks like, is a desperate DRUG industry struggling to hold on to what few shreds of credibility that it only thinks that it has….
    All so-called “mental illnesses” are only as real as presents from Santa Claus – but NOT MORE “real”. Psychiatry is a pseudo-science. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with dangerous, expensive drugs. And the DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. I hereby challenge, and DARE,
    ANY quack shrink to debate me on this. Any takers? I hear crickets….. The LIES of psychiatry continue to do more harm than good. If not NOW, *when*, if not HERE, where, if not ME, *WHO*?….
    (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

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    • “Mr Daniels has been in and out of institutions for 20 years, following a drug-induced psychosis in 1996.”

      This is what the DSM has to say about diagnosing a drug induced psychosis as “schizophrenia.”

      “E. Substance/general medical condition exclusion: The disturbance is not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance (e.g., a drug of abuse, a medication) or a general medical condition.”

      So, technically, Mr. Daniels was misdiagnosed initially, which is a form of malpractice. Dr. Read, I hope you will encourage Mr. Daniels to add to his lawsuit, a malpractice case, based upon the original misdiagnosis, resulting in the subsequent 20 years of mistreatment.

      Especially given the reality that the neuroleptic drugs can create, what appear to doctors as, the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And the neuroleptics can also create, what appear to doctors as, the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via the central symptoms of neuroleptic induced anticholinergic intoxication syndrome, aka anticholinergic toxidrome.

      “They need to realise that 20 years of conventional treatment has adjectively failed, and if they continue on the present course, this man could die.” The original misdiagnosis, and medical denial of the above mentioned known adverse effects of the neuroleptics, is probably why.

      When anyone, be it a kid who became “psychotic” from a street drug or a child abuse victim wrongly diagnosed as “psychotic,” is inappropriately put on a neuroleptic. They are never going to be “cured” by the neuroleptic, nor will ECT cure them either. Because they didn’t have a “mental illness” in the first place.

      The psychiatrists really need to get it into their thick skulls that the neuroleptic drugs are “torture” drugs, not medical “cures” or “wonder drugs.” Thanks for all that you do, Dr. Read, I’m a big fan.

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      • I think that at least 80% plus- first episode psychosis- turn up effected by drugs- and 79.9% get treated un- ethically-and diagnosed with one of three- schizophrenia- schitzo effective- or bi- polar- this is all standard and par for the course in Australian psychiatric facilities– and then id say that the figures would be pretty much the same for for all the returns- those predominately being – neoroleptic withdrawal psychosis- that gets called- your real mental illness relapse- back to your real mental illness-all a debilitating poisonous escape attempt- effect- that they’re all lying about together- arm in arm- heads on pillows-government and all- the boss of them- who owns the court your going to take them to..

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  5. Update from the future: man who previously fought and won against forced electroshock now so heavily damaged from the subsequent high-dosage neuroleptic drug induced brain damage that his full body dyskinesia and dystonia has made it virtually impossible for him to function; to dress himself, to shower, to eat, etc. Now that he requires “living assistance” in a group home / “nursing home for the mentally ill”, his dose of neuroleptics have consequently and understandably increased.

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  6. Five unidentified people entered Melbourne’s Eastern Health facility posing as hospital employees and escaped along with Garth Daniels. Professor Doctor Paul Katz was found wandering around in Australia’s outback wearing an energizer bunny outfit with a giant battery velcro strapped to his back. It was thought he went on a walkabout.
    I wish .

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    • Yes, “mhadvocate”, PERHAPS the psychiatrists involved DO need to be evaluated and labelled obsessive and delusional. However, you might agree that it would be more appropriate, and certainly more medically indicated, for them to be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and INCARCERATED, for their CRIMES of GENOCIDE AGAINST HUMANITY by means of DRUGS for PROFIT…. Their bank accounts and other assets need to be confiscated, liquidated, and applied against the bill to the taxpayers for what these criminals have done. Now, *THAT* would be *JUSTICE*….
      (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
      If “ignorance of the law” is no excuse against a criminal charge, then scientific delusion and ignorance should be no excuse or defense against a civil charge in a Court of Law.
      We need to get lawyers to assist in the prosecution of these quack M.D. CRIMINALS.
      The pseudo-science of psychiatry is stubborn in their DENIAL. And yes, those few humanistic shrinks do indeed earn my respect.
      You’re all authors here on MIA!….love u guys!

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  7. Hi John, I’m looking forward to reading your articles after witnessing first hand the unbelievable levels of criminality and corruption involved in my State (Western Australia). You write that “Some of the agencies that have behaved the worst in all of this are precisely the ones that are supposed to be protecting the human rights of people who use mental health services.”
    I assume you have observed the ‘three pillars’ of these agencies (negligence, fraud and slander). The recent legislative changes which have occurred will enable the use of ‘snow jobs’ by police and other services to deal with problems that they have had difficulties with in the past. And with all effective protections in the law now removed, organised criminals and corrupt public officers are free to operate with impunity.

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    • Thanks, “boans”…. In addition to the NEGLIGENCE, FRAUD, and SLANDER, don’t forget
      “defamation of character”, and “intentional infliction of emotional distress”….it’s a version of the “blame the victim” games which most any rape victim will know all too well….

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  8. “Their first action after the hearing was to cancel GD’s leave privileges so that he could not attend the first class of a long-awaited photography course today.”
    To repeat uprising’s comment: classic psychiatry.

    Thank you for writing about this case. I am following it but only have access to what is in the media and the Free Garth blog. The latter mentioned the issue of guardianship; perhaps you could comment on that in one of your pieces.

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  9. Sadly Australian psychiatry is characterised by over medication, polypharmacy and ilegal detention.if you complain you will be labelled, libelled and villified. As John Read notes the regulatory bodies will merely support those you are complaining about. Essentially bullies with unlimited power. Your best hope is to have as little to do with these ‘people” as possible. Do your own research, find your own supports – dont give up.
    Amnesty should adopt Garth Daniels as a prisoner of conscience because that is what he is. Good on you John Read for your support for Garth and his family for which you will not be popular!

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    • mm13

      absolutely agree with your assessment as it is reflected in its totality in my experiences.

      The best thing to do in Australia is STAY AWAY from psychiatrists as their power is absolute and they really can do anything they feel like doing and you, as a patient, especially once labelled “dangerous” (and they don’t have to have proof and can refuse to allow any evidence to the contrary to be admitted to a hearing), lose every human right and, in fact, have fewer rights than had you committed murder.

      “Sadly Australian psychiatry is characterised by over medication, polypharmacy and ilegal detention.if you complain you will be labelled, libelled and villified. As John Read notes the regulatory bodies will merely support those you are complaining about.”

      Believe mm13, John Read, Boans and me….it REALLY IS THAT BAD!

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      • Yes, agreed 100%, and here in America, it would be just as bad, were it not for our Constitution and Courts, which SOMETIMES provide SOME protections to SOME persons. SOMETIMES. Especially if you have money, power, or political connections. THAT is the dystopia which the LIES of the pseudoscience of polypharmacied “biopsychiatry” has given us…..
        (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
        Now, what will *WE* do about that?_____________

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        • I think one of the problems arose when Australian Governments made the shift to the ‘clever country’. Innovation amd attemts to be a leader in medical/scientific research opened up the need for experimental subjects minus the oversight of ethics committees.
          Need a few ‘lab rats’, just grab a few from the cage. No doubt it has contributed to the wealth created, and some minor advances in medicine/science, but has also resulted in the sub cultural attitude that is reflected particularly in the area of forced psychiaty.
          Wer Pavlovs dogs given true informed consent? Skinners pigeons? And why does Dr Katz seem to be in such a hurry to damage this young mans brain? Something to hide?

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          • What was most telling for me, was watching the video on the other website, linked from the story above….Garth Daniels and his Father were sitting outside, on a concrete curb, rolling a smoke. I watched carefully. Garth Daniels is NOT a “dangerous crazy” guy, and neither is his Father. Yes, I can “diagnose” that, just from watching the video. The heritage of Australia’s criminal founding still lives on in the crimes of GENOCIDE committed by PSYCHIATRISTS, using DRUG$ for profit….Forced “treatment” needs to be called out for the genocide which it truly is….
            Young Mr. Garth Daniels is just one of the latest in a long line of victims….
            No, I’m not saying that he’s “incapable of violence”, but that’s not the same thing. I don’t think he’s dangerous, OR violent.
            The best way to make a non-violent person violent, is to strap them down and torture them with drugs. I know that would sure make ME violent…. All they did was lock me up in prisons, jails, hospitals, and then torture me with drugs. That’s why I have the hurt, pain, fear, and anger that I do have. But none of that makes me dangerous, or violent. It makes *THEM* dangerous and violent, but hey, they’re *psychiatrists*….. I just hope they stop torturing Garth Daniels in the name of “treatment”.

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  10. Myself know exactly what Garth is experiencing, as I am suing the Rockingham hospital Mimidi Park in Western Australia for on purpose misdiagnoses, kidnap, torture, reprisals and retaliations, forced injections from hell etc..
    What happen is I had a virus and because I vomited liquids for over a week and could not keep fluid water in my system I almost died of hydration so I went to the ED Rockingham hospital and because of my unusual lifestyle as an inventor and human rights activist I was seen by a weirdo doctor who argued with me about my vegetarian values and helping poor people over seas while traveling
    He said stay a few days in a place next door that’s just like a holiday park and they can do a few test and can leave any time I want.
    I agreed but when I got to this so called holiday park I found it to be under lock and key mental ward.
    That night I was siting next to a 65 year old lady called Denise showing her how to use a remote for the TV and then she was attacked by a extremely violent male inpatient who was king hitting her to the head and I quickly placed my body between them and took the punches meant for Denise, I then wrapped my arms around this violent mans arms. but I lost balance and we both fell on concrete floor with our weights on my shoulder which I injured, but still held him tight.
    Security and a male nurse eventually came and grabbed this violent man and held him face down while he was screaming with rage, then the security and the male nurse started to laugh out loud.
    I immediately rushed over to comfort Denise and inspect her injuries as she is covered in blood and in severe shock and held her in my arms.
    The security and male nurse are still laughing and I said to stop laughing its not funny and then they threatened me with violence and to lock me in seclusion and carried on laughing.
    I said I want police to lay assault charges and I will go the media report their despicable behavior.
    It was 30 minutes before they are aware that Denise is in sever shock and covered in blood and that I am also injured as they are busy threatening me with violence while I repeatedly told them, Denise is injured and in shock and I a injured and said I want police over and over.
    I was treated like an unwanted dog and when in the ED to wait to x-ray my shoulder the mail nurse kept yelling at me to sit in a chair, I said to F..k of I am not your dog and I want police.
    He screamed no police are coming so I walked out of the hospital to wait outside the sliding door to get fresh air, but he followed me and was screaming to go back inside and told him I want police, then he phoned the administration in front me and spoke loudly he wants to make an involuntary order,
    I immediately went straight to a neighbors house to ask them to phone police for help as I feared my life and waited for police.
    During that time this male nurse made involuntary order and phoned police to say I was a escapee.
    The police came and did not listen to me and took me back to the horror house and left, then I was surrounding by the same security and male nurse forcing me to take a cocktail of drugs or they will hold me down and inject me.
    I managed to slip drugs under my tongue and pretend to sleep that night while they shine a torch in my eyes very 30 minutes.

    Two weesk of hell and forced infections that turn you into zombie saying I had Bipolar when I have proven no meta illness in my life that cost me $12000 to prove this.
    This month I am filling a writ to sue the monsters for $750.000 and are the acting lawyer .

    Garth is in a very dangerous situation with these very dangerous freaks who at any time they like can cause reprisals and more drugging or in Garths case, shocks to the brain if he dare makes a complaint let alone legal action .
    Garth is not violent at all as they say anything they want about him and they know no one can do anything about.
    How every I am a human rights activist and was the fly on the wall in the horror house and have no mental illnesses and will write a book how to “DIY sue the freaks”
    I live in China as its to dangerous to stay in AU and can file the writ and statement of claims from China and fax to the District court in Perth then serve the freaks at the Rockingham hospital who I have the right to cross examine each one of the low life’s that laid their filthy hands and injections into my body while trying to do to me exactly what they managed to do to Garth.

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    • Hi Denis,

      you write ” so I went to the ED Rockingham hospital “.

      Not sure if you are aware but by attending an Emergency Dept in Western Australia you have just removed any and all rights you had as a human being. That’s the law to allow “no” to mean “yes” at any time the staff wish.

      The conduct you observed in the staff is what happens to people when they become aware of the reality that they are not dealing with a human, but something defined as less than an animal. It can take a bit of getting used to for some.

      Sounds like you were fortunate in getting away before the “leeches” attached themselves to you.

      Good luck

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      • in addition you write

        “serve the freaks at the Rockingham hospital who I have the right to cross examine each one of the low life’s that laid their filthy hands and injections into my body while trying to do to me exactly what they managed to do to Garth.”

        All parties involved will refuse to testify on the grounds they may incriminate themselves. This was done during the inquest into a young man named Stephen Wardle who was beaten and died in the ‘lockup’. Whilst a dozen police observed what occurred, by being present they may be considered to be part of any crime (s). The courts etc know this, though are unlikely to inform you. So you think you have witnesses, but ….. you don’t. Documents will reflect whatever is required to remove any faux protections provided by the law, and if they don’t they will be “edited”.

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        • Hi Boans
          You said “All parties involved will refuse to testify on the grounds they may incriminate themselves”

          This is my latest email below to their lawyers and RiskCover insurance company so you can understand I am not suing the hospital or the WA state which their lawyers wanted.

          Denis Stewart v Daniela Vecchio, Raj Sekhon, Biji Thomas, Geraldine Carlton, Chris Cullen, Geoffrey Williamson, {JMCK-ACTIVE.FID275646}

          Piet Jarman, David McKenna and Alix Whowell
          If you are not representing the named defendants above and only want to represent the Rockingham hospital, Minister of Health and the WA State, this means you are not legally entitled to except my writ and statement of claims on behalf the defendants I am actually suing.
          If you cannot give me the signed declarations or affidavits from the defendants that you are indeed representing the defendants, I then deem you are no longer representing the defendants and only have intensions of wrongfully protecting the defendants on behalf of the WA state which is then a conflict of interest.
          I look forward to the signed declarations or affidavits from the defendants mentioned if you still intend to defend each one personally and except their writ and statement of claims I will serve upon the defendants.
          You will also need to tell your ghost client that gives you your instructions on my behalf to identify itself, also please stop the prejudice and biased treatment and even better still try some integrity.

          Kind Regards
          Denis Stewart

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  11. This is an email from the Rockingham Hospital A/Manager Safety Quality and Risk
    Christine Cullen below, I was asking for the FOI files and just before Cullen gave the FOI to me, she finally answered my question in the email below.
    After I was given the FOI Cullen she said they will no longer communicate even if they have made a misdiagnosis .

    From: “Cullen, Christine”
    Sent: Friday, 2 May 2014 7:21 PM
    Subject: Request for other patients’ contact information

    Dear Denis

    With regard to your question about misdiagnosis, there are no protocols in place other than the FOI process.

    Yours sincerely
    Chris Cullen
    A/Manager Safety Quality and Risk
    08 95994578

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  12. The cost per day at the Mimidi park horror house in Western Australia, Rockingham hospital I found Geraldine Carlton executive director charges the tax payer for one inpatient each day is $3000 AUD
    Been the fly on the wall I know 99% from what the inpatients I saw if stayed in a 5 star hotel worth $3000 each night they would not need drugs forced into their bodies several times each day, instead they could have saunas, massages, room services with 5 star wine and dine and a variety of upmarket entertainments while watered on like royalty “5 star kindness”
    Or $3000 each day at the Horror house at Mimidi park watching male nurses and security tackle inpatients to the ground in front of you then drag them into a room and forcefully inject them to zombies, or watch violent males inpatients attack women inpatients who are in constant fear for their life’s,
    An example after I saved a 65 year lady’s life on arriving and tricked into the horror house from a vicious assault by an extremely strong violent male that attacked this women with a barrage of king hits to her face that I stopped and was injured in return, but this violent psychopath male was let out of seclusion the following day and back amongst the terrified women which I replaced him in seclusion for punishment because I wanted police and media while it is proved I had 100% no mental illnesses.
    I was then surrounded and held down and forcefully injected with drugs from hell that turned me into a Zombie because I made a complaint and said I will sue them.

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