“Is Philosophy Therapy, or Simply a Search for Truth?”


For Aeon, Jules Evans and Nigel Warburton discuss the therapeutic aspects of philosophy. Evans argues that “it wouldn’t be appropriate for a therapist to impose an ethical philosophy on you as a cure for depression or anxiety – they give you the basic self-change techniques, but it’s for you to choose your broader life-philosophy.”

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  1. “Love is wise, hatred is foolish.” So true, and something I learned long ago, back when getting my bachelors degree. But Bertrand was also right in saying we need to learn to live together, and tolerate differing opinions, while we all search for the truth.

    I will say, I’m not certain there is anything more hateful one person can do to another, historically or now, than to unjustly defame, torture, poison, defraud, and take away the civil rights of another person, based upon made up, scientifically invalid and unreliable “mental illnesses.”

    I had thought we all learned this was morally reprehensible behavior during WWII. But apparently many did not learn this – including seemingly many of today’s psychiatrists, doctors, religious leaders, lawyers, judges, and politicians. However, since psychiatric stigmatization is no more scientifically valid today, than it was during WWII, it is no more morally acceptable today, than it was during WWII.

    Hope the psychiatrists can learn some day that love is the answer, and their divide and conquer theology is just a war tactic. We need to wars to end, and to learn how to live in a mutually respectful manner with all of humanity instead. Love is the way.

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