“FDA to Require Much Stronger Warnings on Opioid Painkillers”


NBC News reports that the FDA is taking action in an attempt to make opioid drugs, cousins to opium and heroin, a last-ditch option for serious pain. “Opioid addiction and overdose have reached epidemic levels over the past decade,” said FDA commissioner Dr. Robert Califf.

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  1. I can’t wait to have a DEA agent in the room with me and my doctor if I ever break a bone again.

    “last-ditch option for serious pain”

    Oh great I have to go home with Motrin for busted ribs and feel like I am getting stabbed with a knife every time I cough or sneeze cause 1 in 100 people get addicted to painkillers.

    Thanks nanny state America. I always hated looking out for myself.

    P.S If you do get addicted and they catch you they “care” so much about you and your well being they put you in the same jail with burglars and rapists as part of their war on drugs. And as a bonus they write “drug offender” on your record so you can’t get a good job.

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    • But, the doctors shouldn’t be claiming the “dirty” opioids are “safe pain killers,” to a patient who had a “bad fix” on a broken bone either. People should be properly informed, if they are being prescribed an opioid, and be given the right to decide for themselves whether an opioid is actually what they need for their pain.

      Given my medical records and research, I’d be dead right now, if I had actually regularly taken that “safe pain killer” for the “bad fix” on my broken bone. And it was the common adverse effects of that opioid, coupled with other drugs, that resulted in my psychiatric misdiagnosis.

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