“BMJ Editor Fiona Godlee Takes on Corruption in Science”


In this video from CBC News, BMJ editor Fiona Godlee takes on “corruption of the scientific process.” “There will be commercial pressures, academic pressures, and to pretend otherwise is absurd. So we have to have many more mechanisms, much more skepticism, and much more willingness to challenge.”

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  1. Moorfields Eye Research Hospital, London + Neuroleptic Eye Damage (An Elephant in the Living Room).

    I’ve been attending Moorfields Hospital, London for a serious eye condition.

    When I’ve mentioned the connection between neuroleptic drug use and eye damage doctors at Moorfields have continually told me that there is no connection (even though most Patient Information Leaflets clearly state that there is).

    Doctors at Moorfields have also attempted to misrepresent me with “unwellness” as a result me asking to have my own experience of neuroleptic eye damage to be recorded in my history.

    So how does this fit in with Research?

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