“There are no ‘Schizophrenia Genes’: Here’s Why”


Richard Bentall and David Pilgrim offer their critique of genetic theories of schizophrenia for the Conversation. “The high heritability estimates reported in earlier quantitative genetic studies don’t rule out environmental influences, but have discouraged researchers from taking social causes seriously,” they write. “But we now know that there are proven strong associations between psychosis and a range of social risk factors, such as exposure to impoverished and urban environments, migration, childhood traumas (sexual or physical abuse and bullying by peers), and recent adverse experiences in adulthood.”

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  1. “But we now know that there are proven strong associations between psychosis and a range of social risk factors,” yes, 2/3’s of all so called “schizophrenics” today are child abuse or ACEs survivors.


    Not to mention, anyone can be made “psychotic” with sleep depravation. Or via neuroleptic induced anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning – ironically, the supposed “cure” for “psychosis.” And “psychosis” is not a provable entity, it’s an opinion by a psychiatric practitioner. My psychologist thought all dreams, gut instincts, and concerns were “psychosis,” according to her medical records. But she also judged me based solely on a list of lies and gossip from child molesters, according to her medical records, and my child’s medical records. I had not known the religions kept psychiatric practitioners on call to cover up their “zipper troubles.” But it was later confessed to me by an ethical pastor that this reality is known as “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.”

    It’s a shame my ex-religion was seemingly taken over by “the religious authorities who devour the widow’s purse while hell bent on making sure the church suffers such agonizing theological carnage that it is no longer recognizable,” according to this former ELCA pastor / author, and Chicago synod offices insider. I’m just one of the widows whose family was defrauded and had their money stolen.


    Apparently, today’s US Lutheran bishops did not learn from WWII that espousing belief in made up and scientifically invalid mental illnesses, then allowing their hospitals to profiteer off of defaming, torturing, and murdering millions of innocent people is unacceptable human behavior. Nor did my Jewish psychiatrists, ironically named after the priestly classes, Rabin and Kohn. And today’s psychiatric industry has killed more people in the past couple decades in the US, than they killed Jews during WWII.


    “We should be careful lest the past comes back to haunt us.” I’m quite certain the psychiatric industry is playing, albeit a bit more insideous, basically the same game today in the US, that it played in Nazi Germany pre-WWII. And for the same globalist banking families and “corporations that will grow up around them,” that Thomas Jefferson forewarned the US about 2oo years ago. Sad thing is, the psychiatrists may not even realize the big picture. Glad other are awakening to the evil finally, and the truth is being pointed out all over the internet now.

    “Concerns of child abuse are not cured with antipsychotics.” It took quoting my oral surgeon, to finally embarrass my last psychiatrist into weaning me off the drugs. Not one mainstream doctor, for six years, could comprehend this basic reality. I do so hope the US goes back to arresting the child molesters some day, rather than having the doctors profiteer off of covering up child abuse, by turning the victims into “schizophrenics” with the neuroleptic drugs.

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  2. The article mentioned, though using standard psychiatric terminology and not challenging the existence of ‘schizophrenia” as a demonstrable pathology, is nonetheless interesting, not only because it challenges the viability of recent “schizophrenia breakthroughs,” but because it links psychiatry with the eugenics movement and the Nazi murders of “mental patients.”

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